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We are a company operating on the market since 2004. We can boast of many years of experience and hundreds of implementations throughout Poland. We carry out orders related to passive fire protection. Thanks to continuous training, we are able to provide services at the highest level, and our team consists of highly qualified professionals.

We offer execution in the field of passive fire protection:

Installation transitions

We offer:
– Fire protection of electrical cables installation passages
– Cable route security up to 120 minutes
– Fire protection of flammable pipe installations
– Flame retardant collars – Fire protection of non-combustible pipe penetrations
– Combined fire protection installation transitions
– Installation of cable ducts using fireproof panels Promatect L 500 and Promatect H.

Fire protection of dilatation

Performing passive fire protection of building expansion joints using Promat materials such as:
– Promafoam C foam – Promafoam C foam with Firestop Promastop CC
– Promastop Coating fireproofing compound
– Promaseal A Spray Thanks to the use of Promat and Carboline products, we are able to make passive fire protection when connecting trapezoidal sheet (sandwich panel) and massive walls.

Thanks to continuous training and learning new techniques for making fire protection, we are able to choose the right product for the design assumptions. We also provide fire protection for expansion joints up to EI 240.

Smoke and ventilation ducts

We offer:
– smoke ventilation systems
– ventilation installations

Fireproof sprays

We offer:

– fire resistance of wooden structures
– fire protection of steel structures

We work only with leading manufacturers specializing in fire protection systems with appropriate certificates.